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Muscle and Training Specific

The human body has well over 200 major muscles that contribute to movement and physical appearance and with thousands of different exercises available, it makes it difficult to choose which are the best ones for you. Trial and error combined with a kinesiological approach is a common way to help choose, however in the end the best way is to actually measure the muscles you want to target. Surprising differences can exist in not only muscle activation between individuals but  also asymmetries caused by slight changes in body position during movement. These movement changes between individuals can be difficult, if not impossible, to pick up on through a visual or touch approach. For more information, or if you have any questions please contact Mike Croskery

Muscle Specific Analysis

With this assessment you can dial in your training specifically to the muscle you wish to improve. By comparing multiple exercises you can determine which exercise suits you the best based on your training experience, your neuromuscular activation patterns, as well as genetic factors such as bone length and muscle insertion location.

Training Specific EMG and Kinematic Analysis

Is your training really appropriate for you sport or performance? A Training Specific EMG and Kinematic Analysis can chart muscle activation combined with movement to learn how you can best match your exercise execution during training to match your performance. With the capability to assess up to 8 muscle simultaneously synced with inertial data you can determine which muscles are most active and at what point in whatever movement and at whatever speed of execution you choose.