Mike Croskery, B.Sc. H.K., CSEP-CEP - Clinical Exercise Physiologist and CSEP High Performance Specialist™

Mike Croskery holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics (1995) and is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and a CSEP High Performance Specialist™ certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. In 1995 he started Myomax Performance, a consulting and publishing business for fitness and human performance. He has over 25 years of full-time experience working with well over a thousand clients ranging from professional and Olympic athletes to fitness enthusiasts and individuals with a wide variety of limitations and health concerns. He has had the great privilege of working with many of the same clients for well over a decade which has given him a unique perspective on lifestyle, health and fitness changes that can occur over time and through different stages of life.

He has a vast amount of experience in helping a wide variety of clients from different backgrounds and age groups integrate a healthy and successful approach to improving fitness and health. As a result, he has worked with individuals involving the following health conditions:

  • Cardiovascular (hypertension, myocardial infarction, heart revascularization, valve disease, chronic heart failure, cardiac myopathy, peripheral artery disease, pacemakers)
  • Pulmonary disease (asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
  • Immunological diseases (cancer, organ transplant recipients, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Metabolic disease (diabetes, obesity, frailty, hyperlipidemia, organ disease)
  • Orthopedic disease and disability (osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis, joint replacement, joint and spine disorders, osteopenia and osteoporosis),
  • Mental illness
  • Neuromuscular disorders (multiple sclerosis, post-polio, brain injury)

His research and experience in muscle growth, strength training, and disease prevention has led to the development of several books titled The Weight Trainer’s Exercise Hand book (2001) and Weight Training for a New Body (2004), Algonquin College’s Firefighter Pre-Entry Fitness Training Course Manual and curriculum, contributions to the Sport Performance Institute’s Personal Trainer Course manual (Muscular Adaptations to Resistance Training and A Review of Bodybuilders and their Training Methods), several references in other articles, and various appearances in local and national media.

As an exercise science consultant in athletic performance, he has experience testing and evaluating individuals from national and international athletic teams, performance oriented occupations, and a wide variety of individuals in order to design specific training routines including:

  • Canadian National Athletes and Teams (Athletics, Baseball, Biathlon, Badminton, Junior Bodybuilding, Boxing, Cycling, Figure Skating, Junior Field Hockey, Military Biathlon, Nordic Skiing, Rowing, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Whitewater Canoe and Kayak
  • Performance Oriented Occupations (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Emergency Medical Attendants and Paramedics, Airport and Regional Firefighters, Canadian Park Wardens, NHL Referees)
  • Professional Athletes and Teams (NHL Entry Draft, NHL and AHL Hockey, Cycling, Football, Open Wheel Auto Racing)
  • International Athletes and Teams (Mexican National Athletics Team, National American Baseball Team, Powerlifting)

Mike also attained national level competition status in bodybuilding in 1993 and is a former Mr. Eastern Ontario class champion.