Weight Training for a New Body

- Over 300 exercises to tone, strengthen, and build muscle -

by Mike Croskery, B.Sc. H.K., CSEP-CEP

If you, or someone you know, weight trains for exercise, then this book is essential! Designed for both beginner and advanced weight lifters, this handbook which has now sold thousands internationally guides readers from start to finish through designing their own personalized training and stretching routines. In addition, there are over 300 weight training and stretching exercises with easy-to-follow pictures and descriptions which makes learning new movements and targeting problem areas easier than ever.

Additional valuable information contained within this handbook includes the following:

A difficulty rating tells the reader how hard the exercise could be to perform. This helps beginners choose exercises suitable for their skill and strength levels.


Estimated starting weights for both men and women give first-time lifters an idea of how much weight should be lifted for the respective exercise. This information alone addresses one of the most common questions experienced by novice lifters.

PLUS - Sample exercise routines to help define, strengthen, and build your muscles the way you want.

Specifications: ISBN 0-9688365-1-8, 352 Pages, published 2004, 8.5" x 11" spiral bound paper back, includes index, $34.95