Mike Croskery, B.Sc. H.K., CSEP-CEP

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     MyoMax Performance is owned and operated by Mike Croskery, Authour of Weight Training for a New Body, who has a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Kinetics and is certified by the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology as a Certified Exercise Physiologist.  He is a practicing and insured Exercise Physiologist who specializes in altering body composition (muscle growth and fat loss) and health related fitness.

    Mike has researched muscle growth, strength training, and fat loss for the past 12 years and has written and presented information on this topic through various forms of media. As an exercise science consultant in athletic performance he has experience testing and evaluating individuals from Canada’s national and professional athletic teams in order to design sport specific training routines.

    Mike is also the course conductor and developer of possibly Canada's only Muscle Growth Course currently taught Ottawa, Canada.  He has also taught students enrolled in Algonquin College's Firefighter Pre-Entry Program physical fitness in order that they may meet the physical demands required of firefighters.

    He has also competed at the provincial level in bodybuilding and is a former Mr. Eastern Ontario class champion.


Occupation, Team and Athletic Consulting Experience

Canadian National Athletes and Teams

Canadian National Athletics Team

Canadian National Baseball Team

Canadian National Biathlon Team

Junior Canada Bodybuilding

Canadian National Boxing Team

Cycling Canada

Canadian National Curling Team

Canadian National Figure Skating Team

Canadian National Junior Field Hockey

Canadian National Field Hockey

Canadian National Nordic Skiing

Canadian National Rowing Team

Canadian National Table Tennis Team

Canadian National Triathlon Team

Canadian National White Water Canoe

Military Biathlon

Performance Oriented Occupations

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Emergency Medical Attendants and Paramedic

Airport and Regional Fire Fighters

Canadian Park Wardens


Professional Athletes and Teams

NHL Entry Draft





International Athletes and Teams

Mexican National Athletics Team

National American Baseball Team


Other Certifications

Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology)

Basic Rescuer CPR (Adult, Child, Infant, and Two Person Technique) (Heart and Stroke Foundation)

Emergency First Aid (St. John's Ambulance)



Weight Training for a New Body - ISBN 0-9688365-1-8

The Weight Trainer's Exercise Handbook - ISBN 0-9688365-0-X

Algonquin College Firefighter Pre-Entry Course Manual

The Science of Muscle Growth Course Manual

Muscular Adaptations to Resistance Training for SPI Personal Trainer Course Series

A Review of Bodybuilders and their Training Methods for SPI Personal Trainer Course Series


Athletic Achievements

First Place Lightweight Award at the 1992 Eastern Ontario Bodybuilding Championships

Third Place Lightweight Award at the 1991 Ottawa Bodybuilding Championships

Fourth Place Lightweight Award at the 1993 Ontario Bodybuilding Championships